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We close, open building Permits and Fix Code Violations.


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We are most skilled in closing open, inactive or expired building permits as well as code violations!


Open Permit Services

We are available to take care of each of your requirements concerning open or expired permit and code violation. It is no longer necessary to be concerned about whether your project or property has the appropriate permit or not. This gets rid of the stress of being marked red tagged and fines imposed daily by the building official. We engage in pulling your permits; whether you require plumbing, electrical, solar, roofing, structural, HVAC, mechanical, kitchen and bath or any kind of construction permit. This includes plans as required by building officials. We update you on everything you require, such as getting permits or accessing all city licenses and renewing them. Cash is saved as well as time, by allowing our specialist, and plan reviewers to carry out their work, instead of wasting time and energy at city hall. A list of cities and permit numbers is available, which takes care of a single low permit fee, taking away the stress of writing different checks to each city you carry out work in.

Fix Code Violations

There’s a code enforcement officer in every community typically. Check with us for your own nearby code enforcement office. Also be certain you check with all the neighborhood building and code enforcement because there may be issues with the property which aren’t disclosed during the sale. We can help you with this.  For general contractors and other building/roof/home contractors we can help you fix code violations in the fastest manner possible.  Call us for a quick estimate.

Florida Permits Services began in 1992 as a construction and general contracting business. We decided to take our expertise and expand to better assist our clients to include permit resolutions. We have seen the need for assisting and educating our clients who had no knowledge of wrong doing. Too often, people hire someone with the confidence they would get the job done only to find they were never licensed to begin with. Having the proper licenses makes this a much easier process with no stress of searching for a licensed contractor to finish your permits or execute the project correctly. Thomas Griffith, who is a general contractor and Florida Permit Services founder, appreciates how crucial it is to pull the appropriate permits and closely monitor them to make sure that the closing and completing is carried out on permits.

Through the years, permits given out, sometimes for a variety of reasons, have never been closed. This has formed a scenario where a huge number of properties possess open, expired or dormant permits. We are here to fix these issues as well and keep you legal! We create an environment that is stress free and moving forward, to ensure a positive overall experience. Members of our team have experience in the entire permitting and code violations processes.

Our knowledge allows us to find the most effective and efficient way to close or complete any open, expired, inactive permits or code violation issues


Our group of professionals for Permit and Code Violations has:


blue-check-mark-hiA certified General Contractor with over 25 years experience.

blue-check-mark-hiA skilled field permit technician.

blue-check-mark-hiA skilled staff of project managers.


Why us?


Why should we be used for the closing of your open, inactive or expired permit?

blue-check-mark-hiWe take fast action…

blue-check-mark-hiWe interact each day, with all participating parties….

blue-check-mark-hiWe practice professionalism….

blue-check-mark-hiWe comprehend your business as well as your requirements…

The main aim of Florida Permit Services is to give you the highest level of customer service satisfaction and a resolution to your issues. We manage and carry out all essentials tasks necessary to offer a solution on whatever permitting issue or to rectify a code violation. Florida Permit Services takes care of permits which are open, expired or dormant for owners of property, and real estate experts. We are prepared to assist you to close the permit to enable you to close the closing.


Our Mission

Florida Permit Services tops in the provision of the optimum rate of interaction and customer service to all its clients and freely goes the extra mile to submit the most ideal experience ever. Our innovative vision, mission and principles are a picture of what our firm is about and the way we communicate with our clients. We recognize the time sensitive elements regarding a transaction of real estate and among our leading priorities is urgency.


We are grateful to each of our unlicensed and licensed contractors for making use of our website for the processing of thousands of permits since we started. We are grateful for your faith in us and the work that we do. Your suggestions are welcome. We provide technological expediency today! Using previous personal service! With the use of all available technologies to expedite your request!

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Thomas Edwin Griffith