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It is a requirement to have a building permit if you intend to build, expand, change, shift, tear down or change the tenancy of a structure or building. Also, a building permit is needed in case you intend to change, fix, install, replace, remove, transform or fix any gas, electrical, plumbing or mechanical system, so long as Florida Building Code(FBC) controls the installation.

A permit represents a formal document which allows the building, expansion, alteration, removal, replacement or movement of any structure or building or of any accessory linked to a structure or building.
Permits are required by the city to facilitate secure construction, organized development, efficient utilization of land and superior quality site strategizing. Florida controls construction through permits. This is set up to make sure that there is protection for each building in the city. The inhabitants’ protection is the main cause for the existence of housing permits.
Florida Permit Services has implemented numerous codes; additionally, there are regulations for state, local and federal which direct construction, for instance, the one which covers energy conservation.

Below are numerous kinds of permits, depending on the kind of construction:
• Plumbing

• Mechanical

• Structural

• Electrical

• Combination (utilized for construction of home for single family and other minor projects)

Majority of home owners need a combination permit. Additionally, the total pulling down and relocation of structures also needs permits. Getting the permit is only the initial step in the procedure. Create a plot strategy for your property, indicating the enhancements and display the kind of construction you shall use.

A lot of projects for home enhancement need you to acquire City permits prior to starting any building construction. The permit procedure enables the city to ensure that structures are built well and are secure for inhabitants. Also, this assists to keep your property values safe as well as the value of the property of your neighbor.

After you begin construction, your project needs to be examined. A last examination occurs following completion of the project. One should ensure that the project is created depending on the permit and each of the appropriate construction codes.

If you include square footage to your house without a permit and afterwards desire to sell your house, the project needs to be allowed and examined prior to you finalizing the sale. This might need the completed work to be torn out in order for the framing and rough-in to be examined suitably.

This can be a great error which you are strongly advised to prevent.

What are the repercussions of working without an essential permit?

• City of Florida citation

• Raised expense for getting a permit, such as penalties, raised fees and extra service costs and potential court expenses.

• Possible home dangers like fire hazard and pollution of drinking water.

• The homeowner may be required to meet expenses for removal of work, for instance, room enclosure.

• Problems normally crop up when you embark on selling your home.

• The insurance of your home owners might not cater for problems which happen due to illegal construction.

Experiencing the procedures of obtaining a home permit can cause a lot of pressure and processing can consume a lot of time. This is the reason we are available, to simplify it for you.

When you are buried in the excitement of constructing a new home, it is easy to overlook how crucial permits and licenses are. True, obtaining permits and licenses is as appealing as going to see the dentist! However, not doing it and not doing it from the word go is among the widespread errors new house owners make.

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